About Me

As a boy, Mikael Singleton (aka D.J. Mikael) grew

up listening to the music of the rising Hip Hop scene

in Saginaw, Michigan. “I began spinning at 12

listening to the radio every morning before school,”

Mikael explains. “Sticking with what I knew, I

played mostly Hip Hop and House.” But at 18, a

night out being a DJ at a friend’s house party changed

everything. It was the early-two thousand and Sound

Factory was New Mexico’s hottest dance club. Like

many in the crowd, Mikael was immediately

transfixed by the other DJ’s pulsing underground

house sound, and even more so, by the crowd’s

reaction to it. The crowd seemed to be more than fans

of the music, many were loyalists and together they

formed a dance fraternity. Mikael noticed too, that as

the night wore on, the mere “partying visitors” were

weeded out, leaving an after-hours crowd (consisting

mostly of gay men) that was truly committed to the

music. “The straight boys were looking for a piece of ass. They found what they were

looking for and were out by 3am. But the gay boys knew the music and they stayed until

the lights went up in the club. The music was part of their lives, just as it was mine.”

Thus, the Hip Hop boy from Saginaw, Michigan found common ground with the boys

and girls from the LGBT community, which led to his transition from Hip Hop to playing

House, Reggae, Dance, Pop and up-to-date music.

Today, Mikael estimates that ninety percent of his gigs are for gay crowds. With the

current influx of DJs, however, competition for top gigs is tough. “I try to get a lot of

popular tracks. Plus I play unreleased music. I usually begin high energy, then flatten it

for a while, then peak again and watch everyone tear up the dance floor.” He mixes in

familiar vocals with his newer tracks. “I’ll play some stuff no one has ever heard of, but

nothing too left field. I strive to be cutting edge, but at the same time, I want to relate

with the crowd and give them what they want to hear.” In addition to Djing, Mikael host

a weekly radio show online and can always be found  on www.Newark.FM . He is not only a DJ but a Personality as well. He has DJ’d and

hosted event for prides throughout the US and overseas,LGBT Proms

and Music artist. Don’t sleep LGBT community on this sexy, out-going and

lovable DJ; he continues to keep the audience hype and on the dance floor wherever he